years of experience insecurity audits

HACKNER Security Intelligence GmbH is an independent security consultancy company, with years of experience in delivering comprehensive security assessments in all three critical domains: IT security, physical security, and social engineering. In addition, we offer our expertise in the form of trainings and general consulting. We are happy to provide you with assistance in all security matters.

Our experts execute, in close cooperation with our customers, comprehensive IT Penetration Tests, which simulate a hacking attack on their IT infrastructure. This offers an opportunity to find potential security vulnerabilities and fix them before an actual attack takes place.

Our Red Team Assessment tests all your security measures at once, whether they are IT or physical related, or concern general awareness amongst employees. The test results help to identify key risks, prioritize actions, and efficiently plan and use your security budget.

Sometimes, the easiest way for attackers to reach their goal is by constructing a scenario that tricks employees into helping them. Our Social Engineering Assessment helps you to identify the risks and raise awareness amongst employees. The test can be combined with a customized training.

Thomas Hackner, MSc


"We care about security and want to support our customers to ensure they can continue doing and focus on what they love."