Interview at the Red Bull Hangar-7

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Our team joined forces to support Servus TV in its item about cyber security and privacy. In this context, we were asked to support an actress, dressed as a fortune teller, with personal information about random people on the street. We sometimes had about 3-4 minutes to try to figure out details about a person's life, exclusively based on information that is publicly available on the Internet. Usually, we perform those assessments for higher level management of big corporations in order to brief them on possible risks. However, those assessments can last days or weeks, while this time, we were limited in time and scope. The goal was to raise awareness and let people re-think their use of personal information in the Internet.

In the same context, Thomas Hackner was invited to the Servus TV show "Talk im Hangar-7" to discuss with Robert Kolmhofer and Miriam Hie about the risks of social media.

The video of the interview is available at: