Welcome to our new team members

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Our team has grown and we are happy to welcome three new employees to our pentesting team. With their help, it is easier for us to respond to the many project requests we’ve had and we hope to be able to offer them a pleasant and varied work environment with projects that are fun.

The complexity in our networked world and in particular the complexity of security requirements increases with each iteration of products and the introduction of new technologies. While this may deter others from delving deeper into this topic, it is precisely this complexity that fascinates Lorenz. He studied secure information systems at the UAS Hagenberg and is currently doing his master's degree in software engineering and internet computing at the TU Vienna. He is looking forward to gaining more hands-on experience and working with interesting people on challenging topics. He likes to spend his limited spare time with sports and listing to podcasts, but also with Linux.

Max brings knowledge from the low-level/hardware area and also has an IT security background. Always with a cup of tea on the table, which usually remains decorative, he looks forward to working effectively within our flat hierarchies. In his spare time, he occupies himself with astrophotography and open source software. What fascinates him about IT security? “We rely on computers every day without being able to trust them. IT Security can solve this problem.”

Flo studied IT security at the UAS St. Pölten and worked as a security consultant for three years, leading projects and conducting penetration tests. He finds the complexity of the topics and the short-lived nature of IT security particularly exciting, since you have to keep learning to stay on the ball. This is why he also occupies himself with IT security issues in his free time, when he’s not playing computer games or soccer. With us, he looks forward to the uncomplicated, pleasant atmosphere and to great projects with his new colleagues.

We are looking forward to them too.