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Prepare for the next generation of attacks. Our team of experts reviews the security of your payment processes from a holistic perspective. Tailored to your very own needs, a financially motivated attack is realistically simulated, exposing vulnerabilities that otherwise go undetected.

In order to achieve his goals, such as the transfer of money or the sale of internal information to manipulate the stock market, an attacker has various options. He can attack IT systems, obtain confidential information through social engineering, or physically break into the building. The Financial Red Team Assessment considers all these areas to identify weaknesses and potential risks and initiate countermeasures. The assessment is individually tailored to the customer and the needs of the company.

The basis for this approach is the TIBER-EU framework passed by the European Central Bank. In coordination with the client, possible attack scenarios are compiled. When the Red Team Plan is approved by the client, the Red Team tries to access the internal network, and subsequently the internal treasury accounts and applications. This can be done, for example, by identifying vulnerabilities in central or financial systems, extending privileges, or stealing credentials from employees. The final report contains the results of the assessment and possible countermeasures to minimise the individual security risks.

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