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Remote work security check for companies

Working from home often creates new risks in companies. Doors that are opened should be protected against unwanted access by a secure configuration. Especially in fast moving times, important details can be overlooked due to the additional number of different technologies. Our security experts address exactly these core risks by looking for weak configurations of VPNs and other forms of remote working options such as RDP, Citrix, VNC, SSH and many more from an Internet perspective. While analysing, we also look for services that may have been inadvertently put on the Internet during the transition. To perform all checks, we only need your IP address range, the VPN interfaces (ports) and the name of your VPN solution. As a result of the remote work security check you will receive a list of risks with recommendations to protect yourself against attacks.

VPN Configuration Review

If you need support with your VPN service, we offer the possibility of a review of your configuration. For this purpose you send us the configuration files or screenshots of your settings and we advise you on how to set up the respective service in order to keep the possibility of attacks from the Internet as limited as possible.

Security check for home office computers

Working from home increases the risk for company data to be stolen. Information passes through private networks or is even processed on private devices. These are less controllable environments for the company and potentially easier targets for attacks. We offer the possibility of a self-check for home office computers in the form of a script. Security relevant information is transmitted to us encrypted and is evaluated by our security experts. Based on this information we provide you with recommendations for a more efficient protection of company data. We keep the script completely transparent and it can of course be viewed by you.

Manual impact analysis after taking over a remote worker

Security organizations in a company should be prepared from attackers that gain acces to home office computers through e.g. phishing mails. We put this situation to the test. You provide us with a VPN access and we test from the attacker's point of view to how many resources of the company we would gain access. As a result we provide a report of the gained information with recommendations and support the security and administration team in preparing for such attacks.

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