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The Physical Security Penetration Test reviews the effectiveness of your physical security measurements, such as locks, surveillance and alarm systems, but also alarm communication and reaction time on incidents.

HACKNER Security Intelligence's approach for executing physical security audits is customized for our clients' needs and is based on US assessment standards for national security in the areas of nuclear weapons and defense systems, energy and infrastructure security, and homeland security.

In a kick-off meeting we discuss the scope of the test and the types of attack that are relevant to the customer. Afterwards we either use a theoretical approach and calculate attack paths using the building plans or choose a hands-on approach by putting your security measures practically to the test, using lock picks, pick guns, crow bars, entry needles, and other tools that burglars or spies would use. Tests can include opening tilted windows, locks, and safes but also the circumvention of alarm systems, access control systems, and video surveillance with tools that were developed in-house.

All successfully identified vulnerabilities are put together in a final report, which describes the issues, calculates the risk, and contains a recommendation on how to mitigate these issues. If necessary, our experts would naturally be happy to consult with you about the implementation of the security solution.

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